Hookems is an innovative, state of the art, patent pending, magnetic eyewear retainer that allows you to customize it to better match your attire, show your support for a favorite team, business, vacation spot, or cause. The possibilities are endless! Hookems is perfect for the individual that periodically requires eyewear throughout the day.

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The Hookems eyewear retainer retains virtually all types of eyewear including reading, safety, and sun glasses, keeping them close at hand for quick and easy access when needed. Hookems securely attaches to clothing such as shirts, jackets, and caps, allowing easy access from a variety locations. Hookems can even be attached to the inside of a purse, jacket, or sports coat for those formal settings when eyewear is better kept out of sight.

Ever leave home without your glasses? Never again. Simply attach Hookems each night to a ferrous metal item you reach for every morning such as your set of keys, coffee cup, purse buckles, or backpack zipper pulls and your Hookems will be awaiting your departure along with your eyewear every morning.

Hookems on green shirtHookems on orange shirt

What some are saying about Hookems: "The most innovative eyewear holder of 2018", "The best invention for holding eyeglasses I've ever seen", "This will be the best birthday present I've gotten my parents since I gave them back their basement", "The most novel invention I've ever seen for holding sun glasses, this is cool!", "It should be voted best invention of 2018 for holding eyewear", "Will be ranked number one by search engines, in 2018", "I can put all my football team hatpins to use now", "Just what I need to advertise my business and be able to see when I need to read", "You should go on that shark show I see on TV", "This is the best invention I've seen in years"

Hookems accepts most hatpins like those sold at souvenir shops, amusement parks, on-line auction sites. Lapel pins like those found at trade shows, business conferences, and non-profit organizations work as well.

Hookems will not transfer color to clothing or skin, rust, lose magnetic retaining abilities, or leach toxic residual chemicals.

Hat pins not included.

Hookems - "the last place you put your glasses is the first place you find them."

Got Hookems? Got glasses!


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Designed and made in the USA

Hookems are Utility Patent Pending

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